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Freed me to make better life changing decisions

Fiona's programs enabled me to question and peel back the layers of where I thought I was stuck in my life when actually I wasn’t. It freed me to make better life changing decisions

Eleanor - in person coaching with online programs

The Roadmap enabled me to make better decisions

I highly recommend anyone considering purchasing 'The Internalists Way' program. The Roadmaps process helped me gain insight into how often 'worry' overwhelms me. I was then able to make different choices.

Tracey - The Internalists Way online course participant

The BS Shift Method empowered me to separate from my issues

I realize how many of my issues come back to the same 'lie' I'd been telling myself. I now have a method to apply when things get difficult. You need to do this, as you will receive a powerful tool/strategy to hugely alter your self-view and hence world-view

Victoria BS Shift Workshop Participant

Getting to the other side of stuck-ness

I highly recommend Fiona, you're in amazing hands.

she'll help you push through whatever it is that's holding you back and get you out the other side so you can live the life you're here to live

Paula - Praise for Fiona's Work

It has given me the missing reset button I needed

The Internalists Way has enabled me to squelch the negative naysayer in me and take some much needed action

Kahlier The Internalists Way coaching client

Fiona's Method provided a big aha moment for me identifying exactly what my feeling of stuck-ness was, completely different to what I'd thought. The biggest thing I've found is asking myself the deep questions, prompting me to dig deeper. I gained a whole new perspective on how I'm living my life, as a result of just one session! If you are considering booking a session to help you get unstuck, I'd say...

Sarah - The BS Shift 1-2-1 Coaching

I found the session very effective in identifying and removing blockages in my thinking. The process has enabled me to be open to new ways thinking, and gives me tools for exposing the root cause of my challenges. Fiona’s delivery is professional, she focuses your thinking, and helps you to expose what is causing your stuck-ness.

Ian - 1-2-1, workshop & online course participant

This course has already had a profound effect for me.

Knowing what my values are and my obstacles gives me a valuable insight to ways I can improve

Angie - The Abundance Shift Course Participant

If you are in any way ‘stuck’ in your life my advice is don’t hesitate, book a session with Fiona. The process is incredible, combined with Fiona’s coaching skills, it got to the root of what I was really ‘stuck’ with.

I came away focused on what I really desired and full of hope. Her unique approach helped me to make a massive decision. It gave me the courage necessary to take action. Her useful tools and follow up support enabled me to listen to my heart and follow through even though what I was doing went against societal expectations.

Jackie - 1-2-1 BS Shift coaching & workshop participant

I really enjoyed doing the BS Shift Method in a group setting as I felt much less self-conscious and could keep my focus and follow the steps

Dionne - BS Shift Workshop participant

Fiona is fantastic and has really helped me become unstuck with the way I think. Now I practice not making up stories in my head and self sabotaging my future!

Adrienne - The BS Shift 1-2-1 Coaching

My time working with Fiona has been a game changer. I’m moving forward and things are falling into place with a lot more ease.. and when they don’t I'm aware of why that is and how I create my experiences. Signing up to this course and 1-2-1 personal coaching was deciding to put myself first and my bullshit second. Knowledge I will hold forever and carry on learning. Thanks so much Fiona for sharing your skills 💗

Victoria - Soul Biz Women Get Unstuck personal coaching

Just as I started Fiona's coaching program The Love Shift with Your Roadmap to Love, I met someone and started a wonderful relationship. I decided to continue with her Roadmap to Love program and after every session my partner and I openly talked though the modules. It was so empowering and I know I would have acted differently had I not participated in her coaching programs.

Eleanor - Coaching program online and in person The Love Shift and The Life Shift programs:

It was so empowering and I know I would have acted differently had I not participated in her coaching programs.

Fiona's Roadmap to Love course is an absolute game-changer! From the moment I enrolled, I knew I was embarking on a transformative journey towards understanding and cultivating fulfilling relationships. Fiona's expertise shines through every module, offering profound insights and practical strategies that have truly revolutionized my approach to love.

What sets Fiona's course apart is its holistic approach. Instead of just focusing on superficial tips and tricks, Fiona delves deep into the psychology of love, communication, and self-awareness. Through engaging

exercises and thought-provoking lessons, I've gained a profound understanding of my own needs and desires, as well as how to effectively express them in my relationships.

One of the most valuable aspects of the course is Fiona's emphasis on self-love and personal growth. By nurturing a positive relationship with myself, I've found that I'm better equipped to create and maintain

healthy connections with others. Fiona's guidance has empowered me to break free from old patterns and embrace a more authentic, fulfilling love life.

Furthermore, Fiona's warmth and genuine passion for helping others shine through in every interaction. And yes, I am now with a fabulous partner who I have an amazing connection with.

In summary, Fiona's Roadmap to Love course is an absolute must for anyone seeking to cultivate deep, meaningful connections in their life. With Fiona's expert guidance, I've gained invaluable insights and skills

that will serve me well in all areas of my relationships. Thank you, Fiona, for creating such a transformative course!

Ian The Love Shift Program Client


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